Top 5 bold movies of Paoli Dam

Paoli Dam has rather been a bold actress and not went back on doing films/scenes which have frontal nudity or other similar panorama. Here’s a list of 5 of her bold movies:

  1. Chatrak

It is a movie about a Bengali architect who works at construction sites in Dubai and returns to Kolkata after a couple of years of having gone missing from the place. His girlfriend, played by Paoli Dam has been waiting for his return. The Bengali Architect, Rahul, played by Sudeep Mukherjee is successful but is overshadowed by his brother who is mad and goes on to the forest to live there.

A scene in the film is subjected to nudity and cunnilingus which featured Paoli and Anubrata Basu, which got leaked over the net.

  1. Hate Story

Yet another movie featuring Paoli Dam with bold scenes is Hate Story where she did a number of bold scenes. Considering Bollywood style of intimacy, it is quite a shocker but the actor managed it well. It was her scenes from the movie that got her recognition in the industry!

  1. Yaara Silly Silly

She indeed has done sizzling hot scenes in this movie and has as well been able to successfully gain the eyeballs of many. The film is about a two night relationship having a twin soul, and how that connection clicks. It is a romantic drama directed by Subhash Sehgal and has Pali Dam in some hot scenes!

  1. Ankur Arora Murder Case

Paoli Dam plays the lawyer in the movie and from what has been projected in the movie it comes out that she lured her enemies into taking revenge from them, and that is when all those bold scenes came to effect. She successfully trapped them using her body as the tool, the movie also got eyebrows over her going bare on screen.

  1. Thana Theke aschi

Paoli Dham is indeed one actor who’s redefined what bold scenes are like. This is yet another movie where she did it successfully and gracefully. Directed by Saran Dutta, Thana Theke Aschi is a thriller film and received a 3.5 stars by the Times of India.

And that was about it, top 5 bold movies by the Bengali actor, Paoli Dam. She’s well know for all her work and even though there have been various speculations and questions raised upon her, as a part of her work, she’s done it well and with grace.