Shareit is the File Sharing App That is Changing the World

Shareit is the file sharing app that the world deserves. Shareit is the best alternative to Bluetooth the world has been able to come up with. It’s for free and about 200 (you heard that right) times faster than Bluetooth. If you haven’t heard of the app, then..what are you doing with your life. We’ll be discussing how you can get the app on your handset and how to use it. This is one amazing app, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it.


Presently Shareit is the world’s preferred app for cross platform sharing. To use it you don’t need to use any WiFi network or mobile data plan and has some 800 million users. The app is available on five different platforms – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac. Using the free application, you can share files among smartphones, tablets, as well as personal computers. It looks like the app covers all platforms now. With Shareit for windows, there’s no need for USB cables or Wi-Fi connections and most importantly there’s no limit to the size of the file that you’ll be sharing. So don’t hesitate to share larger, by large I mean extremely large files. The kind of files you can share using the app includes documents, photos, music, videos and other apps.

In order to connect to a personal computer, you’d have to have the app installed on both your handset and PC. Get the Windows or Mac version from the official site. To connect, open the app in both the devices. Select send or receive the option in your handset. While searching for another handset, you can see, and options are spelling out ‘Connect to PC.’ You select that, and the app will begin searching for your desktop. Once it finds the PC, select and begins sharing. As per the official site, the app may attempt to use your Wi-Fi connection to find another user, so it’ll be better if you leave your WiFi on. However, while testing, we had all our data connection switch off but didn’t face any problem.

Some of the common issues encountered by people using the app include the app refusing to open of refusing to connect. For the first problem, we suggest you to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. For the second one, we’d tell you to restart both the devices (of the sender and the receiver) and try reconnecting again. Know that Shareit is totally safe and no one can really make the connection to your mobile device without your permission. When nothing works out, know that the app requires updating.

Now, coming to the sharing part – Android to Android – it should be able to easy. Open Shareit and then either select receive or send. After this, if you are unable to connect. Then check the other person’s device has got the hotspot activated. After that go to your own Settings>WLAN and see if the receiver’s hotspot is activated. If you can’t find it, then tell your friend to press ‘receive.’ If nothing happens then, you need to come out of the app and open it again. Hopefully, your problem will be solved by now. If not then you need to reach out the support team. Thanks for reading.