All rumors about iPhone 7 Pro

It’s a very known fact that when there is iPhone then there are the rumors and leaks. I think its third time in the row that Apple is choosing to launch its iPhone in the month of September. May it work as a lucky charm or the main reason is the third quarter is good to launch the iPhone as it keeps up the pace in the 4th and 1st quarter of a fresh year and by the time it goes down towards the valley, the rumors are ought to begin an again in 3rd quarter Apple would be ready for the battle against every other smartphone on the earth, and seriously gets brownie points for new models and next generation iPhones.

Yeah they are the manufactures of many other things among iPhones and can’t be competed. The launch of their iPhone 7 is all over the internet which is scheduled to be on 16th of September this fall. The new iPhone 7 will come packed with the new features in it and all the rumors have already spellbound the users.

  1. It will be waterproof: some say it will be waterproof and some say it can be all depend upon Apple but may be its high time when Apple could make iPhones waterproof, it will be a major advancement in the generation of iPhones.
  2. Wireless charging: like previously in Lumia phone models, Microsoft launched the effortlessly wireless charging, and some of the leaked pictures shown over the internet shows three-dotted panel on the back of the iPhone 7 Pro, same what Apple has launched with iPad Pro to connect it with a docking system via smart connecting.
  3. Smart connecting: Yes! this will probably true too, if Apple has added the panel at the back of the iPhone 7 Pro then it could be used either or for both, wireless charging or smart connecting. But I think having a phone with 5.5inch screen and connecting it to a keyboard docket will be odd r may be its only for the charging mode.
  4. Massive storage: as compared to the previous models of iPhones or even with the last one it only goes as much high as 126GB and iOS 10, but I think what Apple always do stuff, makes their technology better so this time Apple iPhone 7 Pro would be having a storage space up to 256GB which means more space means more videos and games.
  5. No audio jack: the iPhone 7 pro would also not be having a 3.5mm audio jack and would be working on the same concept as the sibling variants, which may be a bummer as Apple is recollecting that this iPhone 7 Pro would be the best iPhone they could have ever launched. #TheUltimatum!!