Blue Dart Customer Care Numbers and Official Email ID details

Blue Dart which is more than 25 year’s old had grown over the years to one of the major courier service in the country. It had vast network of offices, branches, warehouses, and hubs across the country and the world. It had a special division for aviation called “Blue Dart Aviation” in Chennai with almost 5 operating freight planes. These planes are used to send faster couriers across the sub-continent. It had services ranging from regional, domestic to international and its major shareholder is DHL a logistics company based in Germany with presence across the globe.


Over the year’s courier services had been more responsive, engaging and flexible. Previously Telegram used to be one of the fastest way to carry a message of words, telephone used to be a privilege. But now everyone is having a mobile in their hands and companies are using this option to be more interacting with customers. Blue Dart is also having a special Toll-free number for its customer to for any assistance from the company.

Users can call to the customer care and enquiry anything related to the company, its services, and products. Users can use the service to track the status of their courier. They can know instantly whether a package is sent to the customer or not.

Blue Dart customer care number:

1800 233 1234

This is number can be used for all the enquiries about the couriers, company, its services. Users can also find the telephone numbers of Blue Dart offices across the country from their website Users can also track the courier’s status, transit time, services of the company, price, and location from the website straightaway.

Blue Dart Official Email ID:

Users can use this Email to notify or enquire Blue Dart anything and they would reply when they see the mail. Even though Email used to be one of the fastest way to communicate this has become more of an official purpose than communication. However, companies had been still responsive to the Emails of their customers.

Blue Dart Twitter Account:


Blue Dart is also having an active and responsive Twitter account where they replying as soon as possible and resolving the issue of their customer. Users need to mention the user name “@BleDartTweets” in their tweet for Blue Dart to see your tweet. Users can also use #bluedart hashtag which will also be visible to them.

I would prefer to use this method only when their customer care or email service is bad.

With increased usage of internet and social media people are more willing to communicate publicly with companies. So that the company reply will be more thoughtful and respectful with customers. Most of the people are using Twitter accounts of the company to notify their problems. This is the latest model to communicate and more productive way.

Users can use all the above process to communicate with Blue Dart customer care service to resolve your problem or enquiry. Mostly all the details are now available directly on the website of Blue Dart, check it or use Google before going to consult customer care executive.