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Samsung Galaxy S8 coming with Snapdragon 835 SoC

Samsung has gained the glorious success in the market due to the launch of its Galaxy series that gained the attention of the users for a long time. However, this gained success did face the murky waters after the entire debacle that the Note 7 of the Galaxy series. Now with the latest flagship of the galaxy series the Galaxy S8 a lot of rumors have been engaging us as the days go by. Now we come to hear of the latest which is the powerful processor Snapdragon 835 SoC. In this article we talk about this interesting inclusion along with various other news of the latest Galaxy S8.


After the announcement of Qualcomm of its latest Snapdragon 835 SoC at the recently CES 2017 event, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is going to be the first smart phone to feature the chipset which means that other manufacturers have to either have to go ahead with an older SoC or delay the launches of the devices. As the reports go about the other manufacturing company LG’s upcoming flagship LG G6 is all set to be launched on February 26, and will be featuring the older Snapdragon 821 processor. Samsung turns out to be very lucky as a report suggests that the Snapdragon 835 would not be available in large quantities until after the launch of the Galaxy S8. Now with the apparent excitement of the customers after the news of the Snapdragon 835 Nokia despite confirming that it is working on a Snapdragon 835-based smartphone recently stated that it is also working on its processor as well. Nokia is heard to now launch a smart phone featuring a Snapdragon 835 SoC maybe late this year. Samsung is heard to have already confirmed that they would not be there at the MWC 2017 event and that the launch of the Galaxy S8 in is expected to be held in the US and Europe on March 29. This doe mean that all the focus is going to be on the LG G6 as Samsung is working hard to make their latest flagship something close to a master piece.

Now we present some other features that deserve a mention such as the 4K screen, 6GB of RAM and a good and improved camera. According to a source we hear that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to come with a curved screen. In terms of smart phone variants we hear that there will be two models of the phone, one of which is going to release with a 5.1-inch screen and other with a 5.5-inch display. The smartphone will also focus on the VR as it will also come with its Gear VR headset. Galaxy is going to go for a better resolution of the screen and push it upto 4K. With this we can say that we are looking forward for the release of the next flagship of the Galaxy series which is bound to be one hell of a smart phone in the market.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Expected Features

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the sequel to the last year release Mi 5 and its kins Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus. The Mi5 series took the smartphone market by storm with its reasonable price and upgraded features. Now it is obvious that the next series, the Mi 6 will be well speculated. The great news is that Xiomi Mi6 is almost sure to be released this year and it is to be the first Xiaomi phone to be launched in the western markets such as the U.S. and Canada. The Mi 6 is rumored to arrive with promising specifications as mentioned below. The Mi 5 was launched in April last year. Rumour has it that the Mi 6 has received quite a few upgrades this time too, over its predecessor and we’re going to list them down for you below.



The predecessor of Xiomi Mi6 had come with Snapdragon 820 and now the Mi 6 will get the latest from Qualcomm’s stable Snapdragon 835 chipset.  It was supposed to arrive in the market with Samsung’s upcoming S8 device. According to the latest reports the Chinese smartphone maker might just join Samsung in pursuit of launching their device with Qualcomm’s latest offering.

Operating System

The phone will come with a new MIUI 9 OS which will be based either on Android Nougat version 7.0 or 7.1. We all know it is an upgrade on Mi 5 as that came up with Android 6 Marshmallow. The new operating system is 72 new ones, high-performance 3D graphics, high quality virtual reality, smarter battery are some of the unique qualities that will be part of Android Nougat.


Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi6 could be a camera prowess as it will feature a 23 MP rear snapper and a 7 MP front-facer, as claimed by some. Both the camera units are likely to have dual LED flash for better photography even in low ambient light conditions.


The Mi 6 is likely to bestow a relatively larger display than that of seen in its predecessor. The display is claimed to be a 4K screen with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels that will give a pixel density of 700 ppi. And it is also speculated to feature Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection as it is a flagship phone.

Physical home button

The Mi 6 might be launched with a physical home button that is embedded with a fingerprint sensor as well. The device is believed to be fueled by a decent 3,490 mAh battery operating under its hood. But all these are still part of the rumors as the brand has not disclosed any of the specifications officially.

So at the end of the discussion we can say the speculation is just too high and the latest revelation of the release date which is 14th of February is making the intensity even higher!

How to Complaint or Track Order Using Snapdeal’s Customer Care Service?

Shopping online is surely a new cool, but the mistakes and blunders that we see happening when we order online is an equally messed up thing. It is therefore pretty important to have a customer care service which is efficient and is quick enough to deal with the mistake that happen on their as well as on the customers’ part.

Snapdeal is one such ecommerce website which comes in the top shopping sites in India and it also is likely to have a huge product as well as customer clientele. There had once been a survey where the Snapdeal customer care service was rated to be better than that of the other two competitors that is Amazon as well as Flipkart.


So if you have ordered something and are stuck with your product, here is how you can easily contact the customer care executives and have your queries sorted.

Snapdeal Toll Free Number: 011-4537110

Snapdeal Alternate Customer Care Number: 092126-92126

The calling services are available from 9 in the morning to 9 at night and you can call them between the time frame and have your queries sorted. Any wrong order that you want to get exchanged or returned or any other similar such mistake that has happened, just give a call to the customer care agent and they will look into your problems.

The customer care executives will not help you with not just the tacking details,, but they also actually help with the suggestions and similar such issues that could help you with the choices and the budget.

Snapdeal Customer Care Email ID:

There could be times when you’d rather want help via mail and one mail could just have I all solved. For example, a product that you want to be exchange with a bigger/smaller size, if you leave a mail withal the necessary details, they will revert back with the approval and tell you of a date on which their delivery person will collect the product and send you back a new one after a couple of days. Moreover, email provides you a 24 hour support and you don’t always have to rely on the working hours of the company.

Snapdeal indeed has an amazing customer care service and it always offers to you nothing but just about the best post product services!

Which Online Recharge Portal Makes Easy Mobile Recharge

We are living in the 21st century and mobile recharge is no more a big deal now. There are tons and tons of online sites available which are going to help you out with this.

It is really important for you to know which one is going to benefit you the most. All these mobile recharge sites are going to help you in saving a lot of bucks. But the only thing is that you need to pay enough attention.


That means, ,in simple terms before you make your payment, you need to check your discount code and apply it in the given box. By using these codes, these are going to give you some great discounts and help you in saving your money.

But the only thing is that you need to redeem these codes quickly because these codes are available only for a certain period of time.

Now let us discuss Which Online Recharge Portal Makes Easy Mobile Recharge.

Mobikwik is one of the most popular online recharge site. Talking about the number of users which Mobikwik has, it is a whopping 15 million registered users. The best part about Mobikwik is that it is available for all the operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS as well.

Billbacho is a really good innitiative, it is an innovative site which was established back then in the year 2011. When you use Billbacho, once you enter your mobile number it will automatically see your recharge history and select the best traffic plan for you.

Billbacho also offers you a quick recharge option using which you can easily recharge within a few seconds only.


Most of you might be knowing about PayTm, it has gained some quick popularity. Talking about the customer base of PayTm, it is pretty huge. It has a whopping 80 million registered users.

The app is available for all the platforms such as, Windows, Android and iOS as well. Using PayTm, you can recharge your mobile, DTH, and even your data card as well.


You cannot end an online recharge topic without talking about FreeCharge. FreeCharge is like the biggest change which has come to the online recharge industry. Now let us talk about FreeCharge which is one of the best leading company in India. We can consider FreeCharge as the one stop solution for all your shopping needs, moreover FreeCharge customer care is more supportive comparing to other online recharge portal.

With each and every recharge which you make with FreeCharge, you will be getting some special discount coupons as well.

Talking about these coupon codes, they offer you some exclusive discounts, and the best part is that they are delivered immediately via a text message or via email.

All rumors about iPhone 7 Pro

It’s a very known fact that when there is iPhone then there are the rumors and leaks. I think its third time in the row that Apple is choosing to launch its iPhone in the month of September. May it work as a lucky charm or the main reason is the third quarter is good to launch the iPhone as it keeps up the pace in the 4th and 1st quarter of a fresh year and by the time it goes down towards the valley, the rumors are ought to begin an again in 3rd quarter Apple would be ready for the battle against every other smartphone on the earth, and seriously gets brownie points for new models and next generation iPhones.

Yeah they are the manufactures of many other things among iPhones and can’t be competed. The launch of their iPhone 7 is all over the internet which is scheduled to be on 16th of September this fall. The new iPhone 7 will come packed with the new features in it and all the rumors have already spellbound the users.

  1. It will be waterproof: some say it will be waterproof and some say it can be all depend upon Apple but may be its high time when Apple could make iPhones waterproof, it will be a major advancement in the generation of iPhones.
  2. Wireless charging: like previously in Lumia phone models, Microsoft launched the effortlessly wireless charging, and some of the leaked pictures shown over the internet shows three-dotted panel on the back of the iPhone 7 Pro, same what Apple has launched with iPad Pro to connect it with a docking system via smart connecting.
  3. Smart connecting: Yes! this will probably true too, if Apple has added the panel at the back of the iPhone 7 Pro then it could be used either or for both, wireless charging or smart connecting. But I think having a phone with 5.5inch screen and connecting it to a keyboard docket will be odd r may be its only for the charging mode.
  4. Massive storage: as compared to the previous models of iPhones or even with the last one it only goes as much high as 126GB and iOS 10, but I think what Apple always do stuff, makes their technology better so this time Apple iPhone 7 Pro would be having a storage space up to 256GB which means more space means more videos and games.
  5. No audio jack: the iPhone 7 pro would also not be having a 3.5mm audio jack and would be working on the same concept as the sibling variants, which may be a bummer as Apple is recollecting that this iPhone 7 Pro would be the best iPhone they could have ever launched. #TheUltimatum!!


Blue Dart Customer Care Numbers and Official Email ID details

Blue Dart which is more than 25 year’s old had grown over the years to one of the major courier service in the country. It had vast network of offices, branches, warehouses, and hubs across the country and the world. It had a special division for aviation called “Blue Dart Aviation” in Chennai with almost 5 operating freight planes. These planes are used to send faster couriers across the sub-continent. It had services ranging from regional, domestic to international and its major shareholder is DHL a logistics company based in Germany with presence across the globe.


Over the year’s courier services had been more responsive, engaging and flexible. Previously Telegram used to be one of the fastest way to carry a message of words, telephone used to be a privilege. But now everyone is having a mobile in their hands and companies are using this option to be more interacting with customers. Blue Dart is also having a special Toll-free number for its customer to for any assistance from the company.

Users can call to the customer care and enquiry anything related to the company, its services, and products. Users can use the service to track the status of their courier. They can know instantly whether a package is sent to the customer or not.

Blue Dart customer care number:

1800 233 1234

This is number can be used for all the enquiries about the couriers, company, its services. Users can also find the telephone numbers of Blue Dart offices across the country from their website Users can also track the courier’s status, transit time, services of the company, price, and location from the website straightaway.

Blue Dart Official Email ID:

Users can use this Email to notify or enquire Blue Dart anything and they would reply when they see the mail. Even though Email used to be one of the fastest way to communicate this has become more of an official purpose than communication. However, companies had been still responsive to the Emails of their customers.

Blue Dart Twitter Account:


Blue Dart is also having an active and responsive Twitter account where they replying as soon as possible and resolving the issue of their customer. Users need to mention the user name “@BleDartTweets” in their tweet for Blue Dart to see your tweet. Users can also use #bluedart hashtag which will also be visible to them.

I would prefer to use this method only when their customer care or email service is bad.

With increased usage of internet and social media people are more willing to communicate publicly with companies. So that the company reply will be more thoughtful and respectful with customers. Most of the people are using Twitter accounts of the company to notify their problems. This is the latest model to communicate and more productive way.

Users can use all the above process to communicate with Blue Dart customer care service to resolve your problem or enquiry. Mostly all the details are now available directly on the website of Blue Dart, check it or use Google before going to consult customer care executive.

Top 5 bold movies of Paoli Dam

Paoli Dam has rather been a bold actress and not went back on doing films/scenes which have frontal nudity or other similar panorama. Here’s a list of 5 of her bold movies:

  1. Chatrak

It is a movie about a Bengali architect who works at construction sites in Dubai and returns to Kolkata after a couple of years of having gone missing from the place. His girlfriend, played by Paoli Dam has been waiting for his return. The Bengali Architect, Rahul, played by Sudeep Mukherjee is successful but is overshadowed by his brother who is mad and goes on to the forest to live there.

A scene in the film is subjected to nudity and cunnilingus which featured Paoli and Anubrata Basu, which got leaked over the net.

  1. Hate Story

Yet another movie featuring Paoli Dam with bold scenes is Hate Story where she did a number of bold scenes. Considering Bollywood style of intimacy, it is quite a shocker but the actor managed it well. It was her scenes from the movie that got her recognition in the industry!

  1. Yaara Silly Silly

She indeed has done sizzling hot scenes in this movie and has as well been able to successfully gain the eyeballs of many. The film is about a two night relationship having a twin soul, and how that connection clicks. It is a romantic drama directed by Subhash Sehgal and has Pali Dam in some hot scenes!

  1. Ankur Arora Murder Case

Paoli Dam plays the lawyer in the movie and from what has been projected in the movie it comes out that she lured her enemies into taking revenge from them, and that is when all those bold scenes came to effect. She successfully trapped them using her body as the tool, the movie also got eyebrows over her going bare on screen.

  1. Thana Theke aschi

Paoli Dham is indeed one actor who’s redefined what bold scenes are like. This is yet another movie where she did it successfully and gracefully. Directed by Saran Dutta, Thana Theke Aschi is a thriller film and received a 3.5 stars by the Times of India.

And that was about it, top 5 bold movies by the Bengali actor, Paoli Dam. She’s well know for all her work and even though there have been various speculations and questions raised upon her, as a part of her work, she’s done it well and with grace.

How to contact Amazon Customer Care — Easy Tutorial

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping websites in the world. It is operated by Amazon Seller Private Ltd., an affiliate of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN). Inc. is a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle that opened their doors to the World Wide Web in July 1995; and today, the website offers some of the biggest selections on Earth. Amazon and its affiliates operate websites, including,, etc. Here we are going to provide an easy tutorial regarding how to contact Amazon Customer Care.

They offer a safe and secure online shopping experience, convenient electronic payments and cash on delivery, easy returns and they are committed to ensure that the customers receive 100% Purchase Protection for all the shopping that they do on Amazon. They have a customer service that is available 24×7 and a globally recognized comprehensive purchase protection provided by Amazon’s own A-to-Z Guarantee.

So how do you contact this 24×7 customer care?


Step 1:

When you go the on the Amazon website, you will see the large search bar and then the options below it that give you a drop down menu.

You will notice that there is the Help button in the line of the drop down options.

Click Help.

Step 2:

After you click Help, you will get options as to what you want help in. There will be a list of things, like tracking your order, returns & refunds, device support, etc.

You will find all these options. Below these options, you will find the heading of ‘Browse Help Topics’. This heading will lead you to other options of getting in touch with Amazon.

Step 3:

Once you go down, you will find a list of topics and sub-headings that you can go through to get in touch with them in various ways.

In this option, you go through all the way to ‘Need more Help?’

Click this.

Step 4:

When you go to ‘Need More Help?’, you will have five options of ‘Ask the Help Community’, ‘Ask the Kindle Help Community’, ‘Contact Us’, Amazon help in Spanish and ‘Amazon Co-pilot.’

You go into whichever you want from these four. But I will go into Contact Us from here.

Step 5:

After clicking on Contact Us, you will be led to the login page where you have to enter the email ID and password with which you have made your Amazon account. If you don’t have any Amazon account yet or you can’t access your account or have forgotten your password, you can click the option below to not sign in and continue as guest.

Step 6:

After that you will be led to this page. On this page, you will find these options:

Over here, you have to select what order you have placed. They will ask you of your order number if you don’t have any an Amazon account.

After giving the order number, you have to specify your issue. There is a drop down menu for the issue in the 2option.

This is the drop down menu and these are the options.

This is what you’ll get. After you click your what your issue is, they’ll ask you – based on what you selected – what is your issue particularly.

They will ask you how you want to be contacted. If you select email, you will get this page.

If you select phone number, you will get this.

After this, do whatever you must and however you want to contact them, and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

HDFC Bank Customer Care Contact Details and Information

A company can make huge sales and huge profits as well but if their goodwill goes down, nothing follows for long. Let’s know about some information about the company before digging about HDFC customer care. Goodwill is made when companies provide good customer care support and HDFC Banks are the best example for the great customer care support. As we know, HDFC bank is not only available in India but also operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and to keep it up to their name, they have managed to provide their customers a great customer care support. In India, HDFC bank can be reached in 4 different ways.


Customer Care Calling Service

If you like to reach HDFC bank customer care head quarters via your mobile phone, then you can dial the listed number to put up your query or complaint in front of the customer care executive. HDFC knows that their customers might face problem in anytime of the day and that is why they have made their customer support available 24 hours a day. This means that you can report an error or complaint about anything even at midnight. However, you must know that the number is not toll free for most of the cellular carriers as HDFC bank has made it toll free for MTNL and BSNL Landline users.


Customer Care Email Address

To file a complaint via email, you can draft a mail to the email address which is listed below. You can attach photograph or screenshots if you have any as it would act as the proof of what exactly happened and would also help the customer care team to look into the matter and respond to you as fast as they can. HDFC claims to respond within 10 days of receiving the mail or the letter, in case you have written a letter to their head office.

Visit the nearest HDFC Bank

If you don’t trust these modern ways to contact the customer care service, then you can also visit your nearest HDFC branch. HDFC people are always available during the office hours and even if you go during the lunch break, they won’t say no to help you and will patiently look into the matter and give you some assurance about the problem handling.

Writing letter to the HDFC Bank Head Office

  • Manager, HDFC Bank Cards Division,PO BOX # 8654
    Thiruvanmiyur PO Chennai – 600 041
  • HDFC Bank Ltd., New Bldg; “A” Wing 2nd floor,
    26-A Narayan Properties,Chandivali Farm Road,

You can even write directly to their head offices which are located in megacities like Chennai and Mumbai. Simply write a letter and post it to their correct address and they will definitely get back to you in less than 10 days. So you don’t have to worry about failed payment through net-banking or any refund for the wrong payment because HDFC Bank’s Customer Care has got it covered for you.